The first national production eMMC series in China

Application area

Product details

Hosin eMMC currently has two main series, one is the first nationally produced eMMC series in China, and the other is the flagship series with high read and write performance. Both series adopt the latest eMMC5.1 version of the protocol, and have been widely used in mobile phones, TVs, tablet computers, car after-installation systems, advertising players and other application fields.

The national production series is equipped with independent controllable master control and domestic NAND Flash. It is the first domestic manufacturer to realize the domestic production of master control, NAND Flash, firmware R&D and design, and packaging and testing. The flagship series adopts higher-performance main control and algorithms, equipped with advanced 3dmlc or 3D3 TLC NAND Flash, which can provide customers with a more extreme performance experience.

Specification parameters