HOSIN Global Electronics Co., Ltd.

is a joint-stock company engaged in Integrated Circuit design for Storage Applications industries. Established on December 18, 2018, it is committed to provide a group of High-Tech professionals for the industry, Now and Future .

The company is Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and is committed to continuously providing high-quality, innovative storage products and solutions for global users.

Advantages of HOSIN Global

  • 01

    R&D Expertise

    R&D Centers across Shenzhen, more than 70% company with more than 300 patents and soft rights.

  • 02

    Industry resources

    The enterprise leaders and core teams have been deeply engaged in the storage field for decades. They have strong upstream resource integration ability and business cognition in the product segmentation field.

  • 03

    Technical background

    In depth cooperation with industry leaders, we have maintained close ties in terms of R&D structure and technical team building, formed strategic upgrading for the continuous innovation and development of new technologies.

  • 04

    Product Coverage

    It has a full range of products, covering a wide range of consumer, enterprise, industrial and other fields. It has a rich and diversified business system to meet the needs of customization.


Development history

Hongxinyu is a high-tech enterprise focusing on integrated circuit design and storage product application

2019 year

HOSIN Global Awarded the Quality Management System Certification.

2020 year

Passed the national high-tech enterprise certification

Mass production of HG2319 in the third quarter of 2020

2021 year

eMMC 5.1 Controller IC Mass production in Q3.

SSD Gen 3x4 Controller IC, mass production in the Q4 of 2021.

2022 year

Application for IPO in A-share market;

Controller IC of SATA SSD will be mass produced by the end of Q1 2022;

SSD Gen 4x4 Controller IC will be mass produced in the third quarter of 2022;

Automotive UFS Controller IC plan launch on the Q3 of 2023.

2018 year

HOSIN Global Electronics Co., Ltd was registered;

Phison Electronics Fund Investments into HOSIN Global.

Honorary qualification

It has more than 100 patents for invention, appearance and utility model