Is the memory card damaged like this? These bad habits should be changed quickly

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Nowadays, we are more and more inseparable from various electronic products. Watching videos, watching movies, reading books and playing games are all inseparable. However, with the advancement of hardware and algorithms, no matter how large the body storage space is, it will soon be dwarfed. Therefore, the existence of a memory card is very necessary. Especially now, there are more people going out to travel, and the demand for storage cards for SLRs, digital cameras, mobile phones, etc. is also increasing.

However, if it is not protected, no matter how good the memory card is, it may be "accidental". Summarize the following bad habits that may cause the memory card to "accidentally".

1. Format frequently

The times are developing, but some people continue this old habit: every once in a while, they back up the data, then format the memory card to clear the internal memory. This is actually wrong. In fact, for a memory card, it is best to reduce the number of formatting as much as possible, so that each storage unit can be fully utilized, which objectively extends the life of the memory card.


2. Insert and remove the memory card at will

When the device is turned on, it can detect and recognize the memory card, automatically create a directory, and generate related boot files. For devices that support hot-plugging, plugging and unplugging under power may cause data loss or program errors, so it is best to plug and unplug the device in the shutdown state.

3. Use the memory card as a U disk

Nowadays, the memory of the memory card is quite large, and the data transmission speed is not bad. Some people will insert the spare memory card into the card reader and use it as a U disk. This is actually very bad, because there may be a virus on the computer, and once the virus infects the memory card, it is easy to cause the entire card's data to be completely lost. When encountering viruses or deleting files by mistake, don't try various informal operations indiscriminately to avoid greater damage to data and cards. We recommend that if the information inside is really important, you can use anti-virus software or data recovery software to repair it as soon as possible, or send it to a professional repair point for repair and data recovery.

4. Store and use under high temperature and high humidity environment


Most of the memory cards on the market are consumer grade and do not have high resistance. Avoid storing and using them in high temperature and high humidity environments, and avoid static electricity, magnetic fields, liquids, and corrosive materials. For general consumers, they choose consumer-grade memory cards.

5. Shut down and pull out the card and power off in midway

When shooting outside and traveling, many people bring spare memory cards, and change one when one is full. But in the process of changing the card, some people like to pull out the card directly without shutting down the phone. This behavior is a kind of harm to the camera or the card. Once or twice, the problem may not happen right away, but if the number of times is too large, it is the same as drunk driving.

Turn off the machine first, then change the card, remember to remember. Another situation is also worth noting, that is, "halfway power failure": in the process of data saving, deletion, formatting, or playback, the power is accidentally turned off, or the power is turned off due to insufficient power. The destructive power produced by the above process is similar to that of pulling out the card without shutting down, and it may cause data loss, or even make the memory card completely useless. Therefore, before formatting the memory card, deleting files, upgrading device firmware, etc., you must first check the digital camera to ensure that the battery has sufficient power.

For storage media such as memory cards, it is recommended that you buy a reliable brand and do not choose cheap Sanwu products, which will help ensure quality.