HOSIN Global Launched the World’s first 40nm High-speed USB Flash controller

Publisher: Time:2021-08-05 Views:1483    

HG2319, the world's first 40nm USB interface storage control chip independently developed by HOSINGLOBAL, adopts USB3.0 technology to realize the innovation of flash memory storage speed. The maximum transmission bandwidth of USB 2.0 is 480Mbps or about 60MB/s.  The maximum transmission bandwidth of USB 3.0 is up to 5.0Gbps (640MB/s), which improves the speed by 10 times at one stroke, meeting the speed requirements of high-speed transmission of high-quality image files, saving energy, higher compatibility, and lower cost.  Using THE BCH 90 Bit ECC engine, the HG2319 improves the memory fault tolerance rate, which is equivalent to increasing the stability and life of flash disk products. Through leading research and development technology, the HG2319 is currently the smallest design area in the industry.  


HG2319 advantages  

*Autonomous firmware optimization, product speed performance is better;  

*Four-layer board design, enough materials, more stable products;  

*Electronic parts with less materials, cost saving;  

*Meet the Rohs environmental requirements.  

Regardless of the consumer or industrial market, the future of chip technology is to improve performance, reduce cost, reduce power and other aspects of innovation, HOSINGLOBAL is committed to continue to provide high quality, innovative storage products and solutions for global users. Integrating industry resources, based on storage, look to the world, adhering to the corporate vision of "to become the world's leading provider of memory chips and solutions" to continue to build a world-class storage brand.