Mobile storage-an indispensable part of contemporary informatization!

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With the rapid development of informatization in various industries in China, in addition to the construction of networks that are concerned by the industry, mobile storage with data security has become an indispensable product for industry informatization. For users in these industries, mass storage and data security have become their most basic and most urgent needs. For example, information data in the telecommunications industry may include financial information, business planning, user information, communication lists, and other more information. Each item of information has a relatively high economic value and a higher value of intangible assets. For these, data security is highly valued. For the industry, in order to avoid data loss, a protective portable memory is essential.

Mobile storage development trend

Nowadays, we are in an information society, and information is the wealth created by mankind. Today, the amount of information in the world increases exponentially every year, and there is an information explosion. The main technology to promote the information society is information technology, which covers five technical fields, including information acquisition, information processing, information storage, information transmission, and information display. Each field supports An industry, such as the information processing computer industry is mainly used to calculate and process information, the communications industry is mainly used to transmit and transmit information, and so on. Among the five major information technologies, storage technology is a foundation, supporting and coordinating other information technologies. The development of the industry is the most popular industry field today.

The scale of the storage industry can be imagined, because no matter how information technology is handled, there must be a place to put this thing. The storage market has become the main market in the 21st century information field at a scale of more than 100 billion US dollars every year. The storage market in the next few years It will continue to develop at a very high speed. From the perspective of the demand for storage technology, consumer electronics is a particularly prosperous field. Consumer electronics, such as set-top boxes, high-definition TVs, digital cameras, MP3s, PDAs, etc., as well as our usual The demand for mobile storage of memory cards, U disks, etc. is very large. We call such products 3G (abbreviation for 3rdGeneration, that is, third-generation mobile communication technology. Compared with the first-generation analog cell phone (1G) and the second Generation of GSM, TDMA and other digital mobile phones (2G) products. Because the storage needs of our handheld consumer electronic products in the future have such characteristics, one is that they are easy to plug, such as digital cameras, mobile phones, and the storage should be easily plugged, because when the storage is full, you will need to pull it out and replace it with a new one. The card is very easy to replace, plug and unplug, and it can be unplugged and plugged into other similar products to play, such as taking pictures with a mobile phone, or unplugging the memory card and watching it on a TV. Use mobile storage to transfer information between different products. In addition, it has the characteristics of small size, light weight, low power consumption, and portability, which are also required by 3G products and portable consumer products. In addition, because it has such characteristics, it can realize offline interconnection, and there are several ways to share information. One is offline, which is to use the memory to unplug it from a different device and plug it into another device, which makes it easy to transfer information. Then there are wired interconnection and wireless interconnection, offline interconnection is also a convenient way of sharing, no matter how fast the speed is, there is no way to copy it as fast and convenient.


Flash-based mobile storage meets the needs of 3G. Such storages obviously have some characteristics, such as larger capacity than floppy disks, not afraid of moisture, smaller volume than hard disks, less power consumption, not afraid of vibration, simple structure compared with optical disks, and can be read and written repeatedly. In addition, small size and low power consumption. In addition, it has a very unique feature of being easy to carry, its storage speed is also high, its security is also high, and it can be plug and play. This is why mobile storage has developed rapidly and is generally welcomed by consumers.

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