What should I do if the temperature of the M.2 SSD is too high? Teach you a few tips to cool down

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In recent years, due to its inherent advantages of lightness, thinness and compactness, and the standard M.2 slot for desktop computer/notebook motherboards, M.2 SSD has gradually become the mainstream choice in the current market, but behind the ultimate performance It is the heat problem that cannot be ignored. The original size is small, the heat is relatively concentrated on the main control and NAND particles, and a lot of heat is gathered during the reading and writing process. Without the support of the heat sink, the heating problem will only get worse. So what should I do if the temperature of the M.2 SSD is too high?


Why does the temperature of the solid state drive rise?

There are many reasons for the temperature increase of the solid state drive: reading and storing data for a long time is the biggest leading factor. In addition, it is also closely related to the environmental conditions around the solid state drive and the size of the heat dissipation space. For example, the temperature of the solid state drive in summer will be higher than that in winter, and the temperature of notebook will be higher than that of desktop computers. Therefore, many people on Baidu have improved the heat dissipation conditions of the M.2 SSD on their laptops, or installed heat sinks.

Under normal circumstances, the best operating temperature for solid state drives is around 50~55°C. However, the normal working temperature of many solid-state hard disks on the market is maintained between 0 and 70 ℃, which is quite dangerous. Once poor heat dissipation causes heat accumulation, the performance of the solid-state hard disk will decrease, and the data will be lost or even the hard disk will be lost. Damaged.

Solution to the high temperature of the solid state drive

First of all, you can install a cooling vest for the M.2 solid state. The addition of "M.2 heat sink" to the M.2 solid-state drive does have a certain effect. There is no problem in cooling from a few degrees to more than 10 degrees, and the cost is very small. An M.2 heat sink is only tens of yuan. The price is very convenient, and the installation is also very convenient. If you encounter the high temperature of the M.2 hard drive in your computer, you may wish to try it.

Secondly, you can install a chassis fan to reduce the internal temperature of the chassis. After the temperature of the M.2 solid-state drive is high, open one side panel of the case and find that the temperature of the M.2 solid-state and other hardware has dropped a lot. This is the biggest reason why the case has accumulated heat for a long time and cannot quickly dissipate heat. For the case Where is the fan installed? In the case of one fan, it is recommended to install it behind the case, that is, close to the CPU. The wind direction is blowing outside the case for the best effect.