Application scenarios and future development of eMMC

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With the development of big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and other industries, once the security of information storage is threatened, it will endanger the security of all industries such as politics and military, petroleum, chemical industry, nuclear energy, and finance. Memory chips are also known as the “food” of electronic products, accounting for about 20% of product costs. Although China is the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturing base, the self-sufficiency rate of memory chips is less than 10%. Inside, companies that do not have core technologies can easily get stuck.

Hosin is a high-tech company specializing in the development, production, testing and sales of Nand Flash memory chip products. The company’s products can be widely used in various consumer electronic products, industrial electronic products, cloud computing, intelligent monitoring, unmanned driving, robots, artificial intelligence, etc. at present and in the future high-end, sophisticated, and cutting-edge fields and industries. With the company’s strong With independent innovation capabilities and technological leadership and team advantages, as well as brand channel advantages and quality advantages accumulated over the years, Hosin shares have become a high-end enterprise in the memory chip industry. The products produced by the company have strong brand awareness and In addition to its influence, it also holds a certain market share in Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East. Hosin's future development vision is to become a "world-class memory chip application expert"!


1. eMMC physical properties

EMMC's solution consists of three parts: standard MMC package interface, main controller (control chip), and fast flash memory device (Nand flash chip). Using eMMC5.1 and eMMC5 interface specifications, the interface speed is as high as 600MB/s per second. In addition, ICMAX eMMC has fast and scalable performance, and supports 1.8V and 3.3V voltage at the same time.

Nand flash is the most important storage component. Based on its excellent Nand flash supply guarantee capability, Hosin effectively guarantees the stability of ICMAX products and the safety of user data. The best guarantee is under the current shortage of flash memory and price increases across the board. Cost-effective. ICMAX eMMC main control is mainly provided by well-known manufacturers in the industry, and ICMAX has its own core FLASH control software technology.

2. Application scenarios and future of eMMC

eMMC's ultra-small size, low complexity, high integration, and low wiring difficulty make it more and more widely used in the field of intelligent hardware devices. Hosin adapts to the mainstream market standards and has cooperated with many domestic manufacturers in the Internet of things such as smart phones, tablets, smart TVs, game consoles, set-top boxes, and in-vehicle multimedia terminals, from customized design and development to packaging and testing in one step. It shortens the life cycle of customers' products and speeds up their product launches.

The eMMC specification standard has developed from the eMMC5.0 era to the eMMC5.1 era. The next era of eMMC will be taken over by the UFS (Universal Flash Storage) specification. It is expected that it will be used in consumer smart mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers in the future. It has become one of the main application standards for embedded storage media. UFS will provide extremely high speeds to store large multimedia files at high speed instantly, while reducing power consumption when used on consumer electronic devices. With new standards, users will have shorter storage times.

As the hardware replacement wave triggered by the 5G era is about to form an explosive growth trend, the modern information technology industry with integrated circuits as the core is expected to become an accelerator of economic development. Under the background of the gradual maturity of the market and the continuous increase of policy support and guidance by the country, only by actively embracing new ideas and learning new knowledge can we always maintain our leading position. Hosin will always strive to do our best.